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Alice’s book is now available. 100 “First Edition” copies are on sale.

In this book Alice is not teaching you recipes, but she is talking about something more personal, something different and deeper. She is explaining her point of view about what “being a chef” means, and what are her concerns about the over publicized “Chef’s life and attitude” nowadays. An introspective analysis, and a real life observation of her short journey from school days to stages. From specialization courses to professional experiences. From childhood to the moment she decided following her family to Groningen. The first impact with new traditions and persons who changed her life, until she opened her Alice Restaurant, with the reaction of the community, guests and culinary experts. A book that does not teach, and that does not give answers, but that asks questions. Questions that invite the reader building his own opinions. The book has an open end, because it tells just the begin of a possible longer story.

“Talking just about recipes and not focusing on what this “life” means to all people doing this job is a big mistake. I would like to show what this life is, from the inside, from my eyes and from my feelings. I would desire people paying attention to what any cook prepares, because his/her food tells a lot about his/her personality, story and tradition. Respecting food goes through respecting a cook first, treating him/her as someone who takes you into his/her house, and who tells you about him/herself in a deep perspective”

Alice Colombari

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